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Of course we all want to think of ourselves as a little bit adventurous. But discovery and adventure can take many forms - so why not begin your own adventure right now, from right where you're sitting...

We took some time recently to understand the main flavours of herbal tea that people drink. No surprise to most to learn that four fifths of all herbal tea comes down to five key flavours.

At Pukka we try and make our teas a little more than a straight flavourful herbal tea. For one thing, they’re packed full of incredible organic herbs. And these herbs are of the highest quality – higher than those found in almost any other herbal tea – if you want to know more about it then look here.

Secondly they combine flavours that are the result of over 20 years of herbal wisdom from Sebastian; our Master Herbsmith. It’s why every Pukka tea is unique and why many have stories attached to them (have a look at the story behind our Love tea for example).

So Sebastian thought... not just Lemon & Ginger, but Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey. Not just Peppermint, but Peppermint & Licorice. Not just Ginger but Three Ginger – combining three different incredible varieties of this amazing plant. And all these delicious herbs have a role to play in your wellbeing – they’re not just there to make a delicious cup of tea. They’re nourishing and delicious in equal measure. Take a look at Seb’s great article in this edition of Pukka Planet.

And last but not least they do great things for the planet. They are all fairly traded and in many cases Fairwild. And Fairwild is surrounded by incredible stories in the work that we do – just watch this film for a moment that we shot in India – where Sebastian talks you through the wonders of the Great Crested Hornbill – it’s not so much a tea as a cup of all nature that benefits everyone.

So the theme of this Pukka Planet edition, our adventure competition and our articles are all here to help point the way to your adventure, that can start simply with a cup of Pukka tea in the morning. And maybe if you drink one of those five key flavours (for the record they’re mint, ginger, lemon, green and chamomile) and it’s not a Pukka teabag, then do something adventurous and try one. If you register to enter our competition you could instantly win a 5-tea sample pack so it needn’t even cost you a thing. Go on – start an incredible herbal adventure today. - COMPETITION HAS ENDED -


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Fox, Marketing Director

Unterstützt von einem überaus talentierten Team achte ich darauf, wie Pukka sich der Welt zeigt - von unseren Verpackungen bis zu unseren Internetauftritten. Ich wache darüber, dass unsere Stimme nach außen immer einzigartig ist, so schön und elegant, wie es die meisten Menschen mit Pukka verbinden. Privat lebe ich auf einer Farm in North Somerset, mit meiner wunderbaren Familie und einem wahren Zoo vielgeliebter Tieren. Eine meiner schönsten Freizeitbeschäftigungen ist es, gemütlich in den Hecken zu stehen und wildwachsende, faszinierende Dinge zu sammeln, die wir verkochen und genießen können. Als Marketingleiter bin ich doch nur hier, um möglichst viele Menschen weltweit mit der wunderbaren Kraft von Bio-Pflanzen zu verbinden.

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