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Conserving the herbs we love

It’s not over-dramatic to say that without plants, life on earth as we know it would not be possible. They alone convert sunlight into energy; they give us oxygen; they regulate the planet’s water cycle – yet, despite their fundamental importance, many species and habitats are under threat today because of loss of habitat and over-harvesting to feed the growing demand for herbal products.

Conservation, from day one

As creators of herbal teas and supplements, Pukka – like any other herbal company – has an important responsibility to protect the environments our herbs come from. However, conservation is not simply a business requirement for us; it’s part of our belief system, if you like.

We believe that the health and wellbeing of the planet is intimately linked to our own; you simply can’t have one without the other. And it’s because of this that conserving the plant kingdom has always been at the heart of any products we create or any decisions we take.

Always sustainably sourced

What this means for you is that when you choose Pukka, you’re not exacerbating the conservation problem; you’re not adding to the growing list of endangered Ayurvedic herbs – you’re playing a vital part in the solution.

How? Because you’re consciously choosing herbal products made from sustainable sources. Our herbs have not – and never will be – harvested from a declining population or from a degraded ecosystem; they’ve been sourced in a way that contributes, wherever possible, to the on-going conservation of that species.

Choose wisely my friends

Unfortunately, that’s not true of everybody. There are a surprising number of products in shops that contain plant-based ingredients extracted unsustainably from plant populations at peril.

One way to tell if you’re buying sustainably is to look for certain certification logos. The Fairwild and Soil Association logos on Pukka herbal tea boxes are the gold standards of herb conservation today; they reliably show that the herbs have been grown in a sustainable way and have been harvested from a sustainable source.

Some of our conservation projects

Of course, as well as only using sustainably sourced ingredients, we’re also supporting a number of conservation projects around the world to protect and regenerate endangered Ayurvedic herbs.

For instance, in Rajasthan, India, we’ve teamed up with a project to cultivate organically certified Guggul – a key ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine and sadly listed as a threatened species in the Red List of the IUCN (the World Conservation Union).

We also support herb growers around the world who are as passionate about conservation as we are. Mr Shastry in Hosagunda, India, is one such inspiring partner: his annual tree-planting project is helping to preserve the natural riches of one of India’s most important biodiversity hotspots in the Western Ghats.

We feel blessed to be able to donate to Mr Shastry’s project every year – and we know it wouldn’t be possible without the love of Pukka friends like you. So thank you for continuing to choose Pukka – and for doing your bit to help protect this remarkable – and fragile – beautiful blue planet.


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Sebastian Pole, Co-founder and Herbal Director

Ich bin einer der Gründer von Pukka Herbs und unser leitender Kräuterexperte, als der ich alle unsere Bio-Produkte entwickle. Dazu führe ich seit 1998 meine eigene Praxis für Kräuterheilkunde im britischen Bath und bin Mitglied der Ayurvedic Practitioners Association für Ayureveda-Ärzte, des Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine für Chinesische Kräuterheilkunde und des Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners, dem Verband britischer Pflanzenheilkundler. Ich bin von ganzem Herzen überzeugt von den Prinzipien des Ayurveda und arbeite mit ihnen, um zu einem positiven Wandel und zu besserer Gesundheit beizutragen. Seit meiner Zeit in Indien liebe ich es, vegetarisch zu kochen, regelmäßig Yoga zu machen und mich mit pflanzlichen Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln fit und gesund zu halten. Es ist meine große Passion, ein Unternehmen zu führen, das den positiven Wandel in der Welt inspiriert und allen den Nutzen der wunderbaren Pflanzenkräfte bringt, mit denen wir in Verbindung treten . Auf meiner großen Farm in Somerset baue ich eine bunte Vielzahl an Heilkräutern und Pflanzen an, die meine Familie ebenso genießt wie meine Bienen.

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