Shatavari: the plant with 100 roots

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With ‘shat’ meaning 100, and ‘avar’ meaning below, the name Shatavari literally translates as ‘plant that has 100 roots below the ground’. And with its huge number of large, fleshy roots, it’s easy to see why. A member of the asparagus family and with beautiful pine needle-like leaves, it’s a magical plant that is a certified Pukka favourite. It thrives in dry arid soils conferring the ability to retain moisture and is famed for its soothing, moistening and nourishing properties.

In its native India, Shatavari is also known as the plant that can bring you 100 husbands…which is why it’s used in traditional Indian medicine to nourish the women's health. We harness the wonder that is Shatavari in our organic Wholistic Shatavari, Womankind and Womankind Cranberry supplements. Enjoy!

To find out more about growing Shatavari watch our other Shatavari video.

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