Green Tea Revolution

Here at Pukka we always think herbal tea should be something special. So when we decided to re-launch our green teas, we looked at the best way we could take it to a whole new level. We felt there were lots of green teas - with a lot of people drinking them - but most of them just didn’t have all the elements that make a green tea special. So Sebastian got to work on creating four new blends that would do justice to how Pukka would do green tea.

First up was Supreme Matcha Green – the first green tea in a bag to contain Matcha combined with three whole leaf green teas – Sencha, Oothu and Suoi Gang. As the name suggests, it’s what gives this green tea its incredible boost. Next came Serene Jasmine Green – a green tea infused with the delicate notes of chamomile, rose, lavender and of course jasmine. Then Clean Green – laced with whole Sicilian lemon and finally Cool Mint Green – using the very best Egyptian spearmint to give it a delicious coolness. Every one organic and every one made with whole leaf green teas.

But we wanted our Green teas to be even more than this – we wanted people who drank them to not just feel great from drinking them but feel great because these Green teas would make a difference beyond the individual. It’s why we partnered up with WWF and have given 20p for every pack sold since we launched them to help their Living Himalayas project. Helping to restore, protect and reconnect the natural landscape in this incredible part of the world. This campaign has now finished and you can read here how purchasing these teas have helped to protect tigers, rhinos and elephants.

And when we came to launch them, we wanted to transmit a message about this idea – about renewal – of you, of green tea and of the planet through WWF. So we had Emma, an amazing body painter who also came with us to Latitude to paint hundreds of our Pukka friends, re-create the green tea designs on Pam Lucas. Pam is a model famed for her work with many international brands. And we worked with Pam because we wanted to show that beauty is timeless – just like the Himlayas and just like the effect of our green teas. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them, launching them and keeping the work going with WWF.

In April 2016 we relaunched our Green Tea Revolution, enhancing our clean green tea and mint green tea with matcha. We also launched a Sweet Vanilla Green and a Ginseng Matcha Green tea. Read more about the new matcha tea range.

Green revolution


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Fox, Marketing Director

Unterstützt von einem überaus talentierten Team achte ich darauf, wie Pukka sich der Welt zeigt - von unseren Verpackungen bis zu unseren Internetauftritten. Ich wache darüber, dass unsere Stimme nach außen immer einzigartig ist, so schön und elegant, wie es die meisten Menschen mit Pukka verbinden. Privat lebe ich auf einer Farm in North Somerset, mit meiner wunderbaren Familie und einem wahren Zoo vielgeliebter Tieren. Eine meiner schönsten Freizeitbeschäftigungen ist es, gemütlich in den Hecken zu stehen und wildwachsende, faszinierende Dinge zu sammeln, die wir verkochen und genießen können. Als Marketingleiter bin ich doch nur hier, um möglichst viele Menschen weltweit mit der wunderbaren Kraft von Bio-Pflanzen zu verbinden.

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