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Bristol. Our home town and the beating heart of the West Country. The fertile bed of creativity from Massive Attack to Banksy and the creative bed of fertility as the Green Capital of Europe designate for 2015.

It’s a vibrant eclectic mix of style and circumstance – from the beauty of the Suspension Bridge built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the gorgeous Georgian facades of Clifton Village to the crazy colours of the terraced houses that line Totterdown’s streets. And it’s a vibrant mix of people too – of all nationalities, colours and creeds built from its history as one of the country’s most important and busy ports. All life is present here in a colourful, magical collection. No wonder it’s the home of Pukka.

The architecture of the city is truly inspiring - Brunel’s bridge had the longest span of any bridge in the world when it was built and is still regarded as a masterpiece of engineering and beauty. Or his incredible SS Great Britain - the ship that started life in 1843 as the first ever propeller-driven ocean-going iron ship – the largest ship ever built at the time. It’s now a much feted museum where Pukka recently held its international distributor days - we like to think we added a little Pukka madness when we danced outside it.

But it’s the art and culture scenes – one of the most vibrant outside London - that really puts Bristol on the map. With areas like the newly re-generated docks and the Watershed acting as a honeypot for galleries like the Arnolfini, and many cafes and restaurants. Here you are served food and drink from the rainbow of cultures - from Africa to India to the Caribbean.

And when you step off the train at Bristol Temple Meads you’re even welcomed by a band of ‘Greeters’ – Bristol’s typically engaging idea of welcoming new visitors to its streets. We know we’re biased but we love it here and we think you would too if you haven’t visited. Look out for future articles on our best loved places to eat and drink in the city and feel free to send us your suggestions too.


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Fox, Marketing Director

Unterstützt von einem überaus talentierten Team achte ich darauf, wie Pukka sich der Welt zeigt - von unseren Verpackungen bis zu unseren Internetauftritten. Ich wache darüber, dass unsere Stimme nach außen immer einzigartig ist, so schön und elegant, wie es die meisten Menschen mit Pukka verbinden. Privat lebe ich auf einer Farm in North Somerset, mit meiner wunderbaren Familie und einem wahren Zoo vielgeliebter Tieren. Eine meiner schönsten Freizeitbeschäftigungen ist es, gemütlich in den Hecken zu stehen und wildwachsende, faszinierende Dinge zu sammeln, die wir verkochen und genießen können. Als Marketingleiter bin ich doch nur hier, um möglichst viele Menschen weltweit mit der wunderbaren Kraft von Bio-Pflanzen zu verbinden.

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