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Finding Eden

In 2000 something incredible opened in Cornwall. Now world-famous, the Eden Project attracts around a million people a year to the wonders of incredible plants and their vital relationship with us all. This educational charity, which is about connecting us with each other and the living world, is on an epic scale - the vision of people like Tim Smit realized through the most dramatic, technically advanced architecture and  beautiful landscape; mankind immersed in nature. If you haven’t been you really should.

As fans of Eden, it struck us here at Pukka that we should find ways to partner together. So last year we took a trip to have a chat with these amazing plant pioneers. As we walked around the site, we were stunned to find the signposts at Eden structured around people, plants and planet – exactly the same as the Pukka Planet section of our site. The synergy between the two organisations seemed uncanny.

So together we sat down and hatched a plan. To find a way to bring the beauty of plants and herbs to as many people as possible. As part of this, work started in earnest in February this year to build a series of new installations at Eden – all about the wonders of herbs. In May the first of these opened – a giant Pukka tea box that takes visitors on a journey of discovery.

Situated around and under the main bridge leading into the Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes, the Pukka Tea Box welcomes people coming out from the main restaurants with a whole new sensory experience. From scratch and sniff detox wallpaper, to drawers of herbs. From a bed planted with over 100 species of herbs to our own Eden story tellers who offer samples of our many different blends and help explain the wonders and magic of organic herbs.

There's also an exhibit of spices within the Rainforest Biome too and a herb trail throughout the site – challenging you to find 12 key herbs planted all across Eden.

The new exhibit is an immersive experience - from standing inside a giant box of Pukka tea to playing interactive games amongst giant tea cups and saucers. We hope this magical addition to Eden will help to spread the wonder and wellbeing of herbs to a bigger audience than ever before.

For details about the  Eden Project follow the link on this page. Perhaps we might even see you there.


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Fox, Marketing Director

Unterstützt von einem überaus talentierten Team achte ich darauf, wie Pukka sich der Welt zeigt - von unseren Verpackungen bis zu unseren Internetauftritten. Ich wache darüber, dass unsere Stimme nach außen immer einzigartig ist, so schön und elegant, wie es die meisten Menschen mit Pukka verbinden. Privat lebe ich auf einer Farm in North Somerset, mit meiner wunderbaren Familie und einem wahren Zoo vielgeliebter Tieren. Eine meiner schönsten Freizeitbeschäftigungen ist es, gemütlich in den Hecken zu stehen und wildwachsende, faszinierende Dinge zu sammeln, die wir verkochen und genießen können. Als Marketingleiter bin ich doch nur hier, um möglichst viele Menschen weltweit mit der wunderbaren Kraft von Bio-Pflanzen zu verbinden.

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