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Eden: the back story. Why we built it

‘The future is ours to invent. Let’s create a world we want to live in.’ Eden Project.

The Eden Project, established as one of the Landmark Millennium Projects to mark the year 2000 in the UK, is an international visitor destination featuring spectacular planting and architecture. Eden is an educational charity and social enterprise, celebrating our connections with and dependencies on plants and each other.

We all know that the 21st century brings many challenges: food security, moving and rising populations, plant and animal extinctions, increasing energy costs, economic shifts – all cranked up by climate change. What to do? Sit and weep or do something? Eden regenerated a china clay pit as a symbol of transformative change, to demonstrate what people could do when they collaborate and put their minds to something. The world’s challenges will demand the best of all of us: our creativity, ingenuity, understanding, science, technology, enterprise, humanity and our ability to work together. It’s possible. Humans are pretty resourceful when they are asked to raise their game.

Eden’s exhibits and events celebrate our dependence on plants, and each other, and tell many of the changing stories of plants and people. We work on and share examples of many practical projects, close by and worldwide, that explore new ways of living in the 21st century.
Eden is also a social enterprise, doing business to give the greatest possible benefit to the widest number of people and showing that improving the environment and livelihoods and building stronger communities can work hand in hand.

In a nutshell

The Eden Project connects us with each other and the living world so that we can work towards a better future. The chapters in our story:

•  Regeneration/transformation is possible
•  We depend on plants and each other
•  We need to look after the plants/planet because there are challenges
•  It is possible to overcome the challenges
•  We share ways of doing things to achieve this

‘We have a duty… to hope’ Barbara Ward

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