Forgive Me For I Have Sinned

Peppermint leaf Like a good friend, peppermint is always welcome. Its light ascendant menthol awakens digestion and clears sluggishness. It can encourage a fresh perspective when things seem to be blocking your way.

Ginger root Considered to be good for everybody, fresh ginger moves your energy upwards and outwards waking up your whole system. Its sweet-spicy nature diffuses any clouds obscuring your view.

Rosemary Better on its own than you might think, rosemary is famous for helping you think more clearly by removing a muzzy head. It literally pulls you up by your socks.

Turmeric root A renowned liver cleanser, turmeric speeds up the metabolism of alcohol and fats, making your day a whole lot easier, a whole lot faster.

Angostura bitters A classic herbal concoction. A dash of these super herbs can awaken your digestion and transport you to another world (far away from your hangover).

Extracted from Cleanse Nurture Restore with Herbal Tea by Sebastian Pole, photography by Kim Lightbody, published by Frances Lincoln. Available from all good bookshops or Pukka's online shop.

Cleanse Nurture Restore Book (1)

Rezept für
2-3 Personen
20 minutes

So geht's

  1. Put the mint, ginger and rosemary in a pot.
  2. Add 500ml/18fl oz freshly boiled filtered water.
  3. Leave to steep for 10–15 minutes, then strain.
  4. Add the turmeric, bitters and honey.
  5. Breathe in the aromas while you drink this, they will help you feel better.